Secura Hair Straightener Comb with PTC Ceramic Heating Elements and 6 Levels of Temperature Control – Model:SC-6L

About the product
  • SIMPLE USE AND HIGH EFFICIENCY: With the premium PTC ceramic heating components, the hair straightener takes less than 40 seconds to reach the heating temperature of level 1 and less than 80 seconds to achieve the heating temperature of level 4, which is efficient and timesaving for your daily beauty routine.
  • SIX FLEXIBLE LEVELS TO ADJUST TO YOUR HAIRSTYLE NEEDS: Six (6) levels of heating temperatures can be chosen to fit various hair conditions. Our special design, with 23 ceramic heating elements, allows the comb to quickly contact a large portion of the hair at one time. With the 6 different temperature controls and the evenly dispersed heat, professional-looking results can be achieved easily and quickly.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: The Secura Hair Straightening Comb allows you to straighten and curl your hair at home, on your own, saving time and money. The distinctive LED indicator provides you with a visible indicator of the temperature of the comb. Also the 360 degree rotating cord means you can hold the device at any angle for the best straightening effect without the possibility of kinking the cord.
  • LESS HAIR LOSS, LESS HAIR BREAKAGE: Compared with traditional and ordinary heating material, the high-quality PTC ceramic heating components of the Secura Hair Straightening Comb can minimize the breakage and splitting of hair, as well as hair loss.
  • STYLISH AND PREMIUM DESIGN: Not only does this straightener have a unique and luxurious design, but it is also made of the highest quality material and has the latest in technology compared to the ordinary hair straightener.

Product description

Secura SC-6L Hair Straightening Comb: Features six (6) temperature levels designed to work with any type of hair. Temperature ranges are 265°F~395°F with operating temperatures achieved within 40 seconds for level 1 and 80 seconds for level 4. An automatic 20 minute shut-off safety feature turns the comb off in the event you forget.

Temperature levels:

Level 1, which is approximately 265°F (130°C ), is recommended for combing straight hair or soft and thin hair.

Level 2, which is approximately 290°F (145°C ), can be used with blonde, bleached or dyed hair.

Level 3/Level 4, which is approximately 320°F (160 °C ) / 350°F(175 °C), is recommended for average and slightly curly hair.

Level 5/Level 6, which is approximately 375°F (190 °C) / 395°F (200 °C), is recommended for thick, curly or coarse hair.

Only for use with North American Electrical Standards, 120V 60Hz AC. 2-year warranty.

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