Secura Red Wine Decanter Aerator Wine Air Aerator with Wine Chilling Rod Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick

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  • The Secura Wine Aerator employs a multi-stage aeration system that infuses the wine with the optimal amount of air possible
  • Made from super tough, crystal clear acrylic the Secura Wine Aerator also comes with a Wine Chilling Stick. Use it to cool your favorite red wine down to the perfect temperature or keep a pre-chilled bottle of white wine cold. A convenient travel bag and a no-drip stand are also included in this set
  • Eliminates the need to decant your wine, adds flavor, bouquet and smooth finish to any bottle of wine
  • Simply hold the aerator over the glass and pour your favorite wine through to instantly improve your wine drinking experience
  • The Secura Wine Aerator comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Product description

For Red wines to reach their full potential they need to “breathe”, allowing them to open up, release their intended aromas, and of course, attain the best taste possible. That used to be accomplished by the time consuming process of “decanting” a bottle of wine. Once the bottle was decanted you needed to wait for anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours for those transformations to occur. The Secura’s Multi-Stage Aeration System infuses your wine with the optimal amount of air, instantly instilling; better bouquet, enhanced flavors and smoother finish. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. It couldn’t be easier. This aerator eliminates the need for that time consuming decanting process.

The Secura Wine Aerator Set also comes with a Wine Chiller Stick. Keep it in your freezer and use it for those times when you wish to cool a bottle of red wine down to room temperature or keep a pre-chilled bottle of white wine at the perfect temperature. The set also comes with a no-drip stand and a convenient carrying bag. Made of super tough acrylic, the aerator and high-impact plastic stand are dishwasher safe. The crystal clear acrylic wine aerator is elegant and easy to clean.

At Secura we stand behind our products; this Wine Aerator comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


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