Secura Automatic Conical Burr Coffee Grinder CGB-018


  • 100-watt conical burr coffee bean grinder with 18 grind settings (ultra-fine to coarse)
  • Coffee Bean container holds up to 8 ounces; coffee grounds container holds up to 5 ounces
  • Grind coffee beans for 1 to 10 cups of coffee with an automatic shut-off when done
  • Removable commercial-grade conical burr grinder blades allows for easy cleaning and maximum flavor from beans
  • 1-year Manufacturer’s warranty. Safety shield prevents beans from flying out of the bean hopper and automatic shut-off if the coffee grounds container is removed during operation

Burr coffee bean grinder… do you know what it is and how it can help you?

Before you can learn how this device can assist you in getting a tasty cup of coffee, it’s important you know what it is. Simply put, it’s a grinder with two slicing discs that are grooved. These discs can be moved closer together or farther apart, all depending on how fine or coarse the grind needs to be (for your taste). These slicing discs are more precise and provide a more consistent grind than the propeller grinders; they work slower and create a much more consistent grind. They are accurate and reliable, which makes a considerable difference when brewing coffee every day. The Secura Automatic Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, with its 18 grind settings, 8 oz. coffee bean holder and 5 oz. coffee container, is ideal for grinding coffee beans for as little as 1 cup of coffee at a time or as many as 10 cups of coffee at one time. The burr coffee grinders are what experts consider to be the real thing. Burr grinders actually grind the coffee beans by crushing them with the integrated grinding wheels. The advantage of using the grinding wheels is that they create a more consistent grind and do not produce a lot of extra heat and that means the coffee will brew evenly and keep its real flavor. Another advantage of using a burr coffee bean grinder is the fact that the grinding wheels can be adjusted. By adjusting the wheels you control how fine or how coarse the ground coffee should be. That means you can grind beans very coarsely for a French Press to ultra-fine for espresso or Turkish coffee, or anywhere in between.


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12.8 x 8.9 x 7.1 inches
4 pounds
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