Secura Knife Sharpener, Premium Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 Kit | 2 Side Grit Knife Sharpening Kit Whetstone 5 Pcs Set

Premium knife sharpener set: Complete knife sharpening kit including double sided grit (1000#/6000#) whetstone, non-slip base for holding the whetstone, angle guide, flattening stone, a bulb syringe and simple instruction manual, makes you easily understand the tips and sharpening the knife. Premium whetstone ensures effective sharpening results for every knife.

Professional & safe design: We understand the importance of safety during the sharpening process. Therefore, we adopt a non-slip silicone pad and a non-slip base to ensure that the whetstone is fixed in one position and guarantee the safety when sharpening the knife. Angle guide keeps your knife sharpened at a correct angle. And the special design is that all fittings for knife sharpener can be put into the base to save the space.

Suit for all knife: This knife sharpening stone set suit sharpening various knife types, such as kitchen knife, Japanese knife, pocket knife, paring knife, folding knife, chopping knife, chisel & plane, butterfly knife, boning knife, axe, chef’s knife, hatchet etc.

Easy to use: put the grindstone in water for 5-10 minutes, then put the grindstone on the non-slip base, hold the knife with angle guide, add water to the grindstone with the bulb syringe, and finally rinse it with clean water. It’s very convenient and easy.

Customer Service: We fully protect your interests. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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